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New Joint Sponsor of Ohio's Second Amendment Protection Act 2023-2024
Please Vote Jennifer Gross November 8th 2022
👉🏽Thank you NFIB {National Federation of Independent Business} for your Endorsement!

Conservative Republican Jennifer Gross

*Pro Life, Pro Family - Sponsor of pro life legislation HR 132 and HB 421 

*Pro Medical Freedom - The Sponsor HB248 the Vaccine Choice Anti-Discrimination Act

*Pro Second Amendment - NRA, Ohio Gun Owners, Buckeye Fire Arms member - Cosponsor HB227. New Joint Sponsor of the Ohio 2nd Amendment Protection Act 2023-2024 

*Air Force Lt. Colonel (Ret.) 21 year veteran served in the Gulf War and Sarajevo

*PRO Ohio Worker: supports legislation to preserve and protect Ohio JOBS 

*Small Business Advocate - support and sponsors deregulatory legislation

*Fiscal Conservative - Sponsor: Ohio HB 234 to abolish the CAT Tax

*Limited Government/Supports the Constitution

*Opposes Sanctuary Cities

*CCW Licensed

*Family Nurse Practitioner - experience in occupational medicine, research, gerontology & telemedicine  

*American Legion 2nd Vice Commander Post 681 and VFW Life Member 

*Married to Chris; mother of two sons





Friday, October 30, 2020 7:40 AM

55KRC Brian Thomas Show October 30th 2020 - Vote Jennifer Gross

October 30th 2020: 

Listen to Jennifer Speak at the 90 min mark live here >>>>>

Monday, May 27, 2019 10:00 AM

Memorial Day Speech 2019

What an honor to be selected to be the guest speaker to remember our fallen brothers and sisters. 

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